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Commercial condensing units

Commercial condensing units

Product Image Daikin offers you a full range of condensing units for commercial refrigeration in low and medium temperature applications like cold stores, small food shops, restaurants, butchers, bakeries, etc.

Your benefits

Improved Efficiency

Reduced energy consumption and lower running costs thanks to efficient compressors and condensers. 

Compact and complete

These small, complete condensing units are designed to meet extreme environmental conditions. Their compact dimensions make them an optimum solution when space is limited. In addition, hinged doors provide easy access for installation and maintenance.

Reliable unit

Condensing units have proven component reliability and are fully qualified for the most demanding applications. This reduces failure rates and maintenance time.

Low sound levels

Low sound emissions thanks to a soundproof lining on the housing, a compressor jacket and fan speed controller.

  • Small supermarkets

    Various temperatures are required for equipment in shops. An integrated freezer, refrigerator and air conditioner system for convenience stores delivers energy savings of about 50%.

  • Hotels and restaurants

    Daikin condensing units will keep your food fresh in the cold rooms, display cabinets, refrigerators and freezers in your hotel or restaurant kitchen.

  • Food processing

    From cold rooms to freezers of 32m² to a 130m² fridge, you can connect Daikin condensing units to any type of refrigeration system. Fresh food guaranteed all year round.