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Daikin ventilation and air purification

Fresh air is vital to our quality of life and well being. But as buildings become more airtight, fresh air circulation is much reduced. Daikin offers a variety of ventilation, air purification and large scale air handling solutions to help provide a fresh, healthy and comfortable environment in offices, hotels, stores and other commercial environments.

Why we need fresh air in buildings

As building regulations raise standards in the energy efficient design of buildings, insulation levels become much higher, reducing the heating and cooling demand in buildings. However, stale air can remain trapped and cause: 

  • Need of oxigen 
  • Greater risk of allergies 
  • Odours lingering for longer 
  • Increased condensation causing mould

Ventilation offers efficiencies

Fresh air ventilation removes stale air and offers free cooling, for a fresher indoor environment. It can also be integrated within a wider building climate control system for maximum energy efficiency.

The benefits of air purification

Daikin air purification solutions perform a range of filtration, purification and humidification functions, which can eliminate potentially harmful agents from the air to improve breathing comfort.

Controlling air quality

Daikin’s highly efficient air handling solutions offer precise control of humidity and air quality to suit your space requirements. Each bespoke solution comprises a modular combination of air handling units, which can be totally customised and assembled directly on-site to suit your building requirements.

Full solutions range

Daikin has a comprehensive range of commercial ventilation systems, which are modular and can be adapted to suit all kinds and sizes of commercial environments. Your specifier or consultant can advise which combination of commercial ventilation system options is ideal for your building. Here are some of the possible options: