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Integrated ventilation

Ventilation can be integrated with Daikin’s cooling and heating systems, for simplified control of the entire system. By including ventilation as part of a complete climate control solution, it is possible to manage up to 50% of a building’s energy use - delivering huge potential savings in running costs and carbon emissions.

Energy saving heat recovery

Daikin integrated ventilation systems offer energy efficient heat recovery as standard. This means that heat is extracted from stale air and used to automatically balance the outside and inside temperature and humidity. This maximises energy efficiency by reducing the load on the air conditioning system by approximately 31%, while helping to maintain a consistently comfortable room temperature.

Daikin stand-alone ventilation systems offer heat recovery as standard.

Simplified control of ventilation

Integrating ventilation within total climate control solution offers:

  • Simplified control and energy savings 
  • Pre-heating or cooling of fresh air to reduce the load on the air conditioning system 
  • Low sound level 
  • Wide range of air flow rates 
  • Optional humidification and air processing balances the humidity and temperature of incoming fresh air to ensure optimum comfort.