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Air purifiers and allergies

According to the EFA EFAEuropean Federation of Allergy and Airway Diseases Patients Association / www.efanet.org / (February 2006)., over 80 million people across Europe suffer from allergic diseases and their prevalence is increasing. Daikin’s allergy air purifier systems improve breathing comfort for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Allergens in the air

Impurities in the air can cause an allergic reaction. In an urban environment, these allergens mix with ‘adjuvant substances’ such as diesel exhaust particles and volatile organic compounds (found in building materials and cosmetics) to form more harmful heavy allergens.  

Streamer technology

Thanks to Daikin’s Streamer technology, the MC70L allergy air purifier is highly effective in eliminating these potentially harmful agents and alleviating asthma.

Important features

Allergen removal “Allergen Inactivation Experiments with Photo-Streamer”, Wakayama Medical University (September 2004), “Verification of Inactivating Effects of Flash Streamer on Various Kinds of Allergen”, Wakayama Medical University (October 2004) & “Verification Experiment of Allergen Degradation by Streamer Discharge”, Wakayama Medical University (July 2005).

The MC70L achieves 99.6% removal of most common allergens such as pollen, dust, mite droppings and mould and adjuvant substances such as formaldehyde

Virus removal “Evaluation of the Anti-influenza Virus IgY Filter”, joint research report with Waseda University (March 2004).
99.99% of airborne viruses are removed by the Bio-Antibody filter. 

Bacteria removal “Test for Antibacterial Activity”, Report No. 203120769-004, Japan Food Research Laboratories (April 2004), “Test for Colony Count of Mold”, Report No. 205090528-002, Japan Food Research Laboratories (September 2005)  
Bacteria and mould spores are broken down by the Streamer after being absorbed by the Titanium Apatite photocatalytic filter.

95% Deodorisation Tested in accordance with the Japan Electrical Manufacturer’s Association Standard JEM 1467. Be aware that the unit is unable to remove the harmful carbon monoxide that results from smoking cigarettes. Deodorising efficiency decreases with use. Not all continuously present odour components can be removed.
The Streamer breaks down and removes odours before the purified air is returned to the room.