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Ururu air purifier

Humidification and purification in harmony 

Our well-being depends upon the air we breathe – but in modern buildings, clean indoor air is often hard to find. Daikin has created the Ururu air purifier and humidifier, which dramatically improves indoor air quality. 

Airborne particles create health risks

However clean the inside air appears to be, it can harbour hidden threats to your health in the form of invisible airborne particles, including allergens and micro-organisms such as mould and bacteria.

Very dry air causes discomfort

The dry, warm air inside today’s well heated and insulated buildings also often has a low humidity level. This can contribute to dehydration, which can have unwelcome side effects such as a dry throat, irritating cough, or sore eyes. 

Combined air purification and humidification

Ururu is a powerful air purification system to remove harmful airborne particles and agents, coupled with a built-in humidifier to provide a constant supply of fresh air that is more comfortable and safer to breathe.