Daikin Emura

Stylish design

Daikin emura stylish design

Looking good is part of feeling good, so we surround ourselves with beautifully designed objects. In recognition of this, Daikin has pioneered an element of style to match Daikin’s renown for performance, quality and comfort. The result is Daikin Emura.

Superior efficiency

Daikin Emura offers a very high energy efficiency ratio up to 4.46 (energy label 'A'), within a wide operating range of 10°C to 46°C for cooling and -15°C to 20°C for heating and sound levels down to 22 dB(A). The 24-hour programmable remote control with a weekly schedule timer ensures smart energy management.

Developed especially for the European market

We wanted the design of Daikin Emura to say something about us as a company. Traditionally Daikin has always designed its products in Japan and made small modifications for the European and overseas markets. However by 2009, European air conditioning split unit sales had reached a level that justified a whole new European concept.

Advanced technologies

Like most ingeniously designed objects, Daikin Emura wall mounted air conditioner looks deceptively simple. It’s hard to believe that underneath the smooth contours of its casing, this smart room air conditioning unit houses so much advanced technology. Offering cooling, heating, ventilation and dehumidification, Daikin Emura provides year-round indoor comfort.

Optimal comfort

Daikin Emura brings you the ultimate in comfort at any time of day or night. To ensure a harmonised temperature throughout the room, Daikin Emura’s vertical auto swing system automatically makes the outflow louvers move up and down, creating an even distribution of air through the room.

Easy to install and maintain

Daikin Emura can be used in a single room, with one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit, or in a multiple room arrangement with a maximum of nine indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. The indoor unit is designed to be mounted high on the wall, for optimum air distribution and whisper-quiet operation.

The outdoor unit can be installed on a roof, terrace or against an outside wall. Thanks to a special anti-corrosion treatment of the fan and heat exchanger, the outdoor unit is resistant to salt corrosion and acid rain. 

  • R-410A refrigerant
  • Maximum piping length 20m 
  • Reduced weight and dimensions

Daikin Emura wins design awards

Daikin Emura has received the Good Design Award 2011 and iF Product Design Award 2010 for the quality of its design, workmanship and choice of materials, as well as its high degree of innovation, energy efficiency and functionality. It also received Red dot Design Award honourable mention 2010 and was nominated for the Designpreis Deutschland 2011.

Intelligent controls

Daikin Emura is not just smart in looks, it’s smart in its functionality too, with a range of intelligent control functions that ensure the very highest levels of energy efficiency and performance, all at the touch of a button.