ESEER reflects annual performance

A chiller will be at its most efficient when it’s running at maximum power in the summer. But how efficient is the system when it’s running at lower (partial) loads during winter?  

The ESEER calculation takes these variations into account, to provide a single efficiency rating that represents the system’s performance over the entire year and allows accurate comparisons between different machines.

Why is it important?

Put simply: the higher the ESEER of a chiller, the lower the average energy consumption and the higher your annual savings. 

That’s why we’re proud to say that the Daikin EWAD-CZ range, with its inverter driven screw compressors, has the highest ESEER scores in its class, achieving an ESEER of up to 5.8.

The option 'fan speed regulation' decreases the fan speed (and consequently the fan power input), resulting in a further increase of ESEER up to 6.