Specifications Table for EKCBX-BBV3

Dimensions Unit Height mm 390
    Width mm 412
    Depth mm 100
    Depth with remocon mounted on front plate mm 120
Weight Unit kg 6
Booster heater Power supply Phase   1~, 3~
    Frequency Hz 50
    Voltage V 230, 400
Notes (1) - Above mentioned power supply of the hydrobox is for the backup heater only. The switch box and the pump of the hydrobox are supplied via the outdoor unit. The optional domestic hot water tank has a separate power supply.
  (2) - Depending on the backup heater priority setting, the EKMBUH* backup heater kit and booster heater can or cannot operate simultaneously.
  (3) - For details, refer to the EBHQ* installation manual; for backup heater kit specifications, refer to EKMBUH* specifications
  (4) - Wiring connections: select diameter and type according to local regulations. For more details on voltage range & current, refer to the EBHQ* installation manual
  (5) - Power supply refers to combination with EKHW*V3 and EKHW*Z2 respectively.