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Grants & Funding for Heat Pumps and Retrofitting Projects

How to access grants and funding for a new heat pump

The role of SEAI in making your retrofit more affordable

The scale of Ireland’s national retrofitting campaign is unprecedented but necessary – it is a decisive move by our Government to reduce carbon emissions from the way we heat our homes. The Home Energy Upgrade scheme was launched by SEAI to make retrofitting of heat pumps and other measures more affordable. A range of financial supports are available, and most homes in Ireland are eligible for funding.

  • SEAI is the main facilitator of home energy upgrades in Ireland
  • SEAI offers a range of energy upgrade options as well as individual grants
  • Most home energy upgrades involve installing a heat pump
  • Heat pumps are a renewable heating system, offering lower energy costs and reduced carbon emissions
  • To get all the benefits of a heat pump, your home must be well insulated
  • That’s why many retrofit projects also include insulation as well as other measures
  • SEAI grants cover a range of heat pump systems including best-selling Daikin models

Most Irish home energy upgrades involve retrofitting a heat pump

3 tips to get started with your heat pump

1. Do your research

Different homes are eligible for different types and levels of home energy upgrade funding. Do your homework to find out what you are entitled to.

2. Talk to a local installer

Most installers will assist with the funding process. Your local installer will also tell you what upgrades you might need.

3. Decide what’s best for you

The Individual Energy Upgrade Grant allows you to retrofit your home one step at a time. The One Stop Shop is an all-in-one home solution.

Who can apply for a heat pump grant?

All homeowners (including private landlords) whose homes were built before 2021 can apply for an SEAI grant. To qualify for the grant, houses must be well insulated so the heat pump can do its job properly. This is why all heat pump journeys start with a technical assessment of your property

  • You are eligible if your home was built andoccupied before 2021 (as defined by the date your electricity meter was installed)
  • You will most likely start with your local installer, who will explain the two main SEAI funding schemes:
    • Individual Energy Upgrade Grants
    • One Stop Shop
  • Your installer will also refer you to a list of technical assessors
  • Technical assessment determines how well your home is insulated
  • As a result of this assessment, other measures may be recommended to ensure your heat pump can perform at optimum efficiency
  • An SEAI grant of €200 is available towards the cost of a technical assessment


How to apply for funding

With SEAI, there are a number of energy upgrade options as well as individual grants, with different ways of planning and managing your applications. Among the most popular are Individual Energy Upgrade Grants, which are designed for homeowners or private landlords who want:

  • Individual energy upgrades (e.g. heat pump, solar PV, insulation)
  • To manage their own project
  • To select a local contractor/installer
  • To oversee the works
  • To apply for the grant themselves
  • To pay for the cost of the works and claim the grant(s) afterwards

To apply for this type of grant, your home should be built and occupied before:

  • 2011 for insulation and heating controls
  • 2021 for heat pumps and renewable systems

Individual Energy Upgrade Grants

Individual Energy Upgrade Grants put you in control of the process including who carries out the work and when it takes place. Here are the key application steps:

  • Choose a SEAI-registered technical advisor for a full assessment of the fabric of the house
  • Choose a SEAI-registered installer to prepare a contract and carry out the work under the grants programme
  • Fill in your grant application, using the online application form. You’ll need your MPRN number and name of your local contractor. Make sure you do this before any work starts
  • Carry out your home energy upgrades. Once you receive your grant offer, you have 8 months to complete the works
  • Receive your grant funding – it typically takes between 4 and 6 weeks for payments to be processed

One Stop Shop

Daikin product ETVH

There is also the One Stop Shop, a complete home energy upgrade solution for homeowners who wish to carry out multiple energy upgrades at the same time. The One Stop Shop is a fully managed solution that includes:

  • Home energy assessment
  • Grant application
  • Project management
  • Contractor works
  • Follow-up BER

SEAI-registered One Stop Shop operators will manage the entire process for you, from initial assessment to final BER.

“We were eligible for a Home Energy Upgrade grant of €6,500”

Rural family home, Laois

Getting started

The role of the local installer

Whatever funding scheme you apply for, or even if you are not thinking about applying for a grant at all, yourlocal SEAI-approved contractor/installer is a good place to start the conversation.

They will tell you which steps may be needed to make your home warmer and

more energy-efficient, and explain how you can apply for the grant(s) that are best suited to your needs

Unsure about your heat pump journey?

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