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Installing and Maintaining Your New Heat Pump

Your practical guide to installing a heat pump

and how to get the most out of your renewable heating system

Increasingly, Irish homeowners are undertaking home energy upgrades that involve heat pumps. They are one of the most energy-efficient ways of heating a house, consuming far less energy than traditional heating systems like oil or gas boilers. These are some key steps on the journey from first inquiry to final installation.

  • Do your research and ask family/friends who have had a heat pump installed
  • Consult the list of Daikin-approved installers to find your local contractor
  • Your local installer will explain the basics and show you the options
  • Depending on your needs, budget and BER rating, you may decide to:
    • Install a heat pump on its own
    • Install a heat pump in tandem with other measures (e.g. insulation, solar PV)
  • Carry out a complete home energy upgrade via the One Stop Shop
  • First, you will need to arrange a technical assessment on your home

Heat pumps are easy to operate – and incredibly efficient.

Installers say:Plan your installation well in advance

You’ve decided to upgrade to heat pump but how do you get the project started? Most retrofit journeys begin with a trip to your local installer. Our national network of Daikin-approved installers are there to explain your options and manage the installation of your heat pump from start to finish.

Getting started

The role of the technical assessment

Technical assessment by a SEAI advisor will determine how well your home is insulated. This will allow your advisor to recommend the step(s) necessary to improve your property’s BER rating. This in turn will help you decide which home energy upgrade grant to apply for, so you can go ahead and start your project.

  • Choose a SEAI-registered technical advisor to carry out a full assessment of the fabric of the house
  • Your advisor will issue a report to guide you on your retrofit journey
  • This will explain what needs to be done to make the house heat pump-ready
  • Depending on the recommendations, decide what measures you want to take and what funding options are available


Local installers

Your installation partner

Your local installer is who will carry out the renovation work on your property. Typically, they will also assist with your SEAI grant application and all other aspects of the project. You will need to work closely with your installer, preparing your home for a smooth, successful heat pump installation.

  • Once you have chosen your SEAI-registered installer, they will prepare a written contract for all energy upgrades to be carried out
  • The installation company will conduct a pre-works site survey, advising of any preparations you should make such as:
    • Clearing key areas, e.g. hot press, utility room, outside areas
    • Keeping a parking space free in front of the property
    • Letting neighbours know the work is happening
    • Keeping small children or pets safely away from work areas
  • The more preparation you put in, the smoother the installation process

Installers say: “It may take 3-4 days to complete the install

Your installer will also tell you how to prepare the work area(s), such as clearing the hot press and tidying the outside area where the heat pump unit will go.


Getting the most out of your new heat pump

Once the installation is complete, your installer will provide a full handover with instructions on how to operate the new heating system. Heat pumps are very easy to operate but if you have any questions, your installer will be able to help. 

  • Remember to activate your warranty and get your heat pump serviced at least once a year.
  • Make sure you register your heat pump serial number with the Daikin Stand By Me app to activate your warranty
  • Once up and running, do not adjust your heat pump’s settings – if you think something’s not right, call your local installer
  • Technical support is also available via the Daikin website
  • Do not cover or block air flow to your heat pump
  • Do not turn off power to the unit
  • For optimum performance, set your hot water temperature to 48°C
  • Set your room stat to 18-20°C for living areas and 16-18°C for bedrooms
  • Get your heat pump serviced at least once a year otherwise your warranty may be void
  • Once you have registered with Stand By Me, you will receive annual maintenance reminders from Stand By Me

Installers say:

“Download the ONECTA app”


Up and running

It’s vital to realise your heat pump’s full energysaving potential.

Once installed, your air source heat pump can only achieve its full potential if it is operated efficiently.

But don’t worry, it’s easy to operate!

Your installer will conduct a complete handover, explaining all the energy-saving features of your new renewable system and showing you how to control the heat pump.

Once the installation is complete, the commissioning engineer will set the heating and hot water parameters to suit your household’s needs.

Once you’re up and running, activate your warranty via the Stand By Me portal and contact your local installer with any questions.

Unsure about your heat pump journey?

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