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Unique auto cleaning technology

Regular automatic filter cleaning ensures lower running costs and improved indoor air quality.​

female store clerk emptying A/C filter dust box with vacuum cleaner hose in shop

Clogged filters resulting from dust build-up means that the system needs to work harder, causing:

  • Discomfort for building occupants, as less heat is dissipated into the air and unpleasant odours can spread
  • Gradual loss of system efficiency over time 
  • Reduced airflow and heat exchange surface, i.e. reduced capacity
  • System reliability is affected, thus more maintenance call-outs to site

Our round flow cassette and concealed ceiling units have optional auto cleaning filters. They are designed to deliver increased reliability and energy savings of up to 20% compared with manual cleaning, provide more comfort and better air quality for occupants and tenants.

Illustration of Daikin auto-cleaning filter kit for concealed ceiling air conditioning unit

How does it work?

The auto cleaning filter option integrates a brush, which captures and collects dust into the onboard dust box during the pre-programmed cleaning cycle.

Once the dust box is almost full, you can simply empty it via a vacuum cleaner hose connection, quickly and easily, saving on maintenance and without disturbing guests or occupants.

Auto cleaning for 
concealed ceiling units​

Designed to offer maximum versatility to meet the needs of diverse applications, the auto-cleaning filter kit incorporates an extra-long 1.7m connecting hose to allow flexible positioning of the suction port in the ceiling, in cupboards, or other concealed locations to present a discreet appearance.


Auto cleaning for the Round flow cassette​

Daikin auto cleaning panels are available in white and black.

  • Unique auto cleaning cassette with wide flaps and optional intelligent sensors
  • Finer mesh panels for dust prone areas (like book or clothing stores)

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