SEAI Home Energy Grants

One step closer to creating a sustainable future together by getting you heat-pump ready

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Make Your Home Warmer & Energy Efficient

Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) grants are helping homeowners to reduce their energy costs and greenhouse emissions. You can now make your home more comfortable and lower your energy bills with the home energy grants provided by SEAI. The two main schemes that are available to make your home warmer are: 

One Stop Shop Service and Individual Energy Upgrade Grants

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What Are the Home Energy Grants Available?

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A complete home energy upgrade solution for homeowners

One Stop Shop Service Grant

  • The One Stop Shop Service is a complete home energy upgrade solution aimed to help homeowners upgrade their homes from a C3 or lower energy rating to a B2 or better energy rating.
  • These registered One Stop Shops will manage the entire process for you, from the initial assessment of your home, through to the final BER.
  • A homeowner can qualify for a grant of about 50% under this program if they wish to carry out a complete energy upgrade to improve their energy rating.

Am I Eligible For This Grant?

  • House must be built before 2011 for insulation & heating controls and for renewable systems grants.
  • You need to make multiple energy upgrades to achieve a minimum rating of B2 on work completion.
  • Use a registered One Stop Shop to manage the entire project on your behalf.

Manage your own home energy upgrade from planning to grant applications

Individual Energy Upgrade Grant (Better Energy Homes Scheme)

The Individual Energy Upgrade grant, formerly known as Better Energy Homes Scheme, is for homeowners and landlords who choose to manage their own home energy upgrades. 

This option is suitable for homeowners and landlords who want:

  •     individual energy upgrades
  •     to manage their own project
  •     to apply for the grant themselves
  •     to pay for full cost of works and claim grants afterwards

Am I Eligible For This Grant?

  • House must be built before 2011 for insulation & heating controls and before 2021 for heat pumps & renewable systems.
  • Use a registered SEAI Technical Advisor to carry out the mandatory Technical Assessment of the dwelling, prior to grant approval.
  • House must have a Heat Loss Indicator (HLI) of ≤2 W/K/m2
  • The Heat Pump System must satisfy the technical requirements specified by the Scheme.


How do I Apply for the One Stop Shop Service Grant?


Step 1: Contact One Stop Shop

Select a One Stop Shop from the SEAI registered list, discuss the possible energy upgrades for your home depending on when it was built and the current BER rating.

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Step 2: Home Energy Assessment

When you are ready to proceed a Technical Assessor will visit your home and carry out a detailed survey on building fabric, heat loss etc. Based on this survey the One Stop Shop will recommend the upgrades required to bring your home up to a minimum B2 BER, or higher if you so wish.


Step 3: Home Energy Upgrade

The One Stop Shop will manage all contractors and SEAI incentives, singing off on the overall project and billing you only for the balance net of all funding. The One Stop Shop will also provide you with finance options.

How do I apply for the Individual Energy Upgrade Grant?

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Decide to improve your homes energy efficiency by retrofitting a Daikin Home Energy Solution

All homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2021 can apply. This is defined as the date your electricity meter was installed. This is different to other grant measures where the home must be built before 2011.

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Choose a SEAI registered Technical Advisor

The advisor* will do a full assessment of the fabric of the house. They will issue a full report on the house and explain to you what to do to make it heat pump ready.


Choose a SEAI registered contractor

You need to put a contract for works in place with your chosen contractor before work begins. It is required that contractors have a written contract with homeowners for all energy upgrades undertaken under the grants programme.

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Complete your grant application

You can apply using the Online Application platform. You will need your MPRN number which you will find on your electricity bill and the name of your SEAI registered contractor.


Complete the home energy upgrades

You have 8 months from the date of the grant offer to complete the works on your home and return the paperwork. You can find the expiry date in your offer letter. By this time, you need to have your work completed and get a registered BER assessor to complete your post-works BER assessment.


Receive your grant funding

You need to send your completed Declaration of Works form and Request For Payment form for payment for this scheme. These should be sent by email to or by post.

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