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5 Brilliant Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump This Winter

A switch to reliable, renewable heat pump technology could give you the ‘Goldilocks Effect’ during the cold winter months


The fact that Ireland enjoys a mild, temperate climate is of little comfort to a lot of people at this time of year. Temperatures are falling fast and anyone who lives in a draughty home, or who relies on an expensive, inefficient heating system, is probably feeling the cold – and definitely feeling the pinch.

As winter closes in, we all want our homes to be cosy and comfortable. We want to reduce the cost of our heating, ideally by moving away from high-priced, high-carbon fuels like oil and gas. And we need to cut the cord with fossil fuels and move to renewable energy. Switching to a heat pump can give you all of this.

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider installing a Daikin heat pump this winter.


1. Heat pumps are incredibly energy-efficient

A heat pump is an electrical device that extracts energy from the outdoor air and transfers it inside the home to provide heating and hot water all year round. Because heat pumps use far less energy than traditional heating systems (such as oil or gas boilers), they are super-efficient and economical to run.


2. A move to a heat pump is a move to renewable energy

Meanwhile, heat pumps run mainly on renewable energy, so they are a highly sustainable way to heat both houses and apartments. For every 1kW of electricity it uses, a Daikin heat pump generates 3kW of energy from the outside air – that’s 3kW of free, renewable energy.


3. Not too hot, not too cold – the ‘Goldilocks Effect’!

With traditional heating systems, people often find themselves turning the heat on and off, chasing the perfect temperature, feeling cold and then suddenly too hot. With a heat pump, this doesn’t happen – you set the thermostat and the system regulates itself to maintain a steady, reliable level of comfort. This is known as the ‘Goldilocks Effect’ – neither too warm nor too cold, but just right!

The same applies to the immersion, a source of many long-running battles in Irish households down the generations. We’ve all felt the pain of rushing into the shower only to discover there’s no hot water left but with a heat pump, the system works away in the background, using that sweet renewable energy, to give you continuous hot water whenever you need it.

Homeowner testimonial:

“I will try to describe the benefits of living in a home with a heat pump as your main heating source. Gone are the days of the ‘on, off’, controls of a conventional boiler, it’s always warm and cozy, it’s the Goldilocks Effect, not too hot, not too cold but just right. We have to open the front door each morning before we know if it’s cold or not outside. It actually takes a bit of getting used to, the comfort, I mean, constant heat and constant hot water, it’s not what we grew up with. Would we recommend installing a heat pump? For us, after living with the system for over two years now, we would say that it’s a no-brainer, sometimes you can buy happiness”


4. Heat pumps work even when it’s freezing outside

Daikin heat pumps are built in Europe so they are suitable for Irish homes and Irish weather conditions, including our cold, wet, windy winters. Heat pumps continue to work at temperatures as low as -25°C and are extremely popular in much colder countries than Ireland including Sweden, Germany, Finland and Denmark.

How a heat pump works

How a heat pump works: A heat pump is an electrical device that extracts energy from one place and transfers it to another in the most efficient and sustainable way. It draws heat from the outside air and uses it to provide heating and hot water inside your home.


5. SEAI funding makes a heat pump more affordable

When it comes to funding, the good news is that anyone whose home was built before 2021 is eligible to apply for an SEAI home energy upgrade grant that includes retrofitting a heat pump. Depending on the age and condition of your home, you may need to consider additional measures such as PV solar panels, or wall/roof insulation and, again, a home energy grant can make this more affordable.


Start with your local heat pump installer

If these five benefits sound like music to your ears, you may be wondering how to get started. Your first step is to get your home assessed to find out if it is compatible with a heat pump or if you need to upgrade (e.g. enhanced insulation) so that the device can operate at 100% efficiency.

You can arrange a technical assessment by calling into your local Daikin-approved heat pump installer partner, who will explain your options and how the process works. The installer will also explain the main funding schemes, including Individual Energy Upgrade Grants and the One Stop Shop, depending on what level of work needs to be carried out.

To find out which grant is best suited to your home, and to understand the process of applying for funding, you can read our blog about Home Energy Grants or visit the SEAI website.


Boiler replacement

After that, it’s a question of when suits. In many households, a boiler breakdown can be the eureka moment – instead of buying another boiler (a ‘distress purchase’), homeowners make the decision to switch to renewable energy and a more efficient, economical way of keeping their families warm, cosy and comfortable this winter.

In the meantime, check out our ‘Daikin Delves In’ video series where we take a deep dive into the what, how and why of heat pumps, and feel free to download our homeowner guides to heat pump technology, installation, and grants. Keep warm!

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