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Air-con summer: How air-to-air heat pump technology is helping Irish homeowners to beat the heat

Here in Ireland, we’ve had some amazing weather already this summer. The June bank holiday was nothing short of spectacular, with temperatures upwards of 26C giving us all something to celebrate.

We all love a bit of heat – after all, what’s rare is wonderful! However, if you’ve found yourself tossing and turning at night or struggling to concentrate on work because of how warm it is, then get ready: the heat is here to stay.

The rise in temperature, of course, is a planetary issue. Ireland’s climate is changing in line with global trends, with heatwaves set to become more frequent. Short term, a switch from the cooling La Nina to the warming El Nino phenomenon means that 2023 will likely be even hotter than last year, while 2024 is already tipped to beat 2016 as the hottest year on record.


High demand for air-conditioning


One of the most reliable and energy-efficient ways to beat the heat is an air-conditioning system – something our climate did not previously warrant, but which has now become increasingly popular, both in new builds and renovation or retrofitting projects.

Amongst Irish homeowners, the surge in demand for air-conditioning is slightly more nuanced than in ‘traditionally’ hot countries. Here in Ireland, it also gets cold, so what’s needed is a system that can go both ways, i.e. provide cooling and heating.

That system is an air-to-air heat pump, which extracts energy from the outside air and transfers it to the air inside your home, either heating or cooling the indoor environment depending on which setting you require.

Our air-to-air heat pumps are also called ‘split’ systems, where the word ‘split’ refers to the combination of outdoor and indoor units that make up the system. A one-to-one split system has one outdoor unit and one indoor unit, whereas a multi split system has one outdoor unit but up to five indoor units, which can be placed strategically around the home.

air to air heat pump

With a Daikin multi split system, the outdoor unit can be connected to multiple indoor units (up to 5) which deliver energy-efficient heating and cooling) 

An air-to-air heat pump runs mainly off energy extracted from the outside air, using just 20% electricity, so it’s a highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way to keep your home comfortable all year round. The system gives you more control over your climate, with smart programming technologies so you can maintain your environment from anywhere.

While a one-to-one split system is more suited to smaller properties, including apartments where the indoor unit would typically be placed in the living area or master bedroom, the multi split system offers a range of benefits:

·         Only one outdoor unit so less mounting space required

·         Easier for installation and maintenance

·         Up to five indoor units connected to the outdoor unit

·         Each indoor unit can be regulated separately

·         Option of energy-saving low-capacity units for smaller rooms

·         Option of connecting further indoor units (max. 5) after initial installation

·         Lower power consumption and added energy savings in standby mode

·         Only one outdoor unit in operation so less noise

As with all heat pumps, installing a Daikin multi split system is relatively uncomplicated, requiring enough space for a single outdoor unit rather than having to mount multiple units on the façade or wall. As the diagram above shows, the flexibility of the multi split then allows you to place the indoor units where they are most needed.

In addition to its unrivalled flexibility, a Daikin air-to-air heat pump uses a renewable energy source (air) to reduce your carbon footprint, while energy management tools optimise your energy consumption. Our cooling solutions, meanwhile, are classified with the highest energy efficiency labels on the market, helping you to save energy and money from day one.


air to air heat pump



As our summers continue to warm up, many Irish homeowners are now looking at air-conditioning to keep cool and comfortable during hot spells, as well as for heating their homes when the temperature drops. An air-to-air heat pump from Daikin encapsulates this reversible technology and delivers a range of benefits in one super-energy-efficient system.


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