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L∞P by Daikin

Creating your circular economy of refrigerants

Sustainibility Tree

L∞p by Daikin is our revolutionary refrigerant program and essential part of our commitment to create a sustainable future. 

Recover, Reclaim, Reuse are the magic words and the core principle of our new all-in-one service. 

Find out how reclaimed refrigerant helps avoid more than 250.000 kg of virgin gas being produced – each year!

The time to act is now. Join us in creating a sustainable future for HVAC-R.

How L∞p by Daikin works

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We recover your old refrigerant for
you from any unit and any brand.

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The refrigerant is reclaimed in Europe, meaning regenerated in a high-quality way,  in line with F-gas regulation definition.

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The reclaimed refrigerant is used for the production of new L∞p by Daikin units. The reclaimed refrigerant’s quality is certified by an independent laboratory, so it meets AHRI 700 certified standards.

Be part of L∞p by Daikin and benefit from the L∞p-effect!


For your Business

  • Attract new customers as a certified sustainable L∞p by Daikin program member.
  • Care free handling of old refrigerant – we take care of it!
  • Save costs for disposal and decomposition of the old refrigerant.

For our Planet

  • Make a valuable contribution by choosing units with reclaimed refrigerant.
  • Make a difference by being part of the initiative saving more than 400.000 kg of virgin gas being produced every year.
  • Make a commitment to create a sustainable future.

How your refrigerant follows the loop

The principle of certified reclaimed refrigerant allocation


1. Refrigerant is recovered from our building by installer network

2. Refrigerant is reclaimed = regeneration in a high quality way that equals virgin quality

3. A mix of reclaimed and virgin refrigerant is used at our factory to charge products

4. The reclaimed refrigerant is administratively allocated to VRV units produced and sold in Europe1 and Chillers2

5. The reclaimed refrigerant is reused in your building – closing the loop

6. Recycled refrigerant for field charge and servicing



1 EU member states, UK, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, North Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland


Our circular ecosystem into a greener future​ is growing​


Products reusing reclaimed refrigerants

Since 2019 Daikin is offering products under the L∞P by Daikin circular economy initiative – a line of products using reclaimed refrigerant. By choosing such a product you actively support the reuse of refrigerant.

Recover-Reclaim-Reuse Refrigerant service

Our latest initiative, the refrigerant service, saves resources and costs. Our aim is to collect larger amounts of refrigerant and certify the projects where old refrigerant is recovered and reused for new projects. This service is available for key accounts and investors.

  • R-cycle recovery unit

    The mobile refrigerant recovery unit removes impurities such as oil, acid and moisture from gas. It can be used independently of other Daikin circular econemy initiatives.

  • Partner of retradables

    As a consortium partner, Daikin supports Retradeables, a digital tranding marketplace that enables trading reclaimed refrigerants between service companies and refrigerant distributors.

The latest L∞p by Daikin members


Action goes greener with Daikin Refrigerant Reclaim Programme

Action intensifies its partnership with Daikin for this new ground breaking project: reclaiming refrigerant from its refurbished stores and reusing it.


    dm-drogerie markt retail chain partners with L∞P by Daikin, in its drive for more sustainability​


    Perial Asset Management

    Milestone HVAC refurbishment delivers sustainability through L∞P by Daikin, re-using reclaimed refrigerant for both factory charge and trim charges

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