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Thinking about getting a heat pump? Our new video series ‘Daikin Delves In’ will answer all your questions

As the number of heat pumps being retrofitted continues to surge around Ireland, our new video series delves into the how and why of these renewable heating systems

Climate action starts at home

Ireland’s journey towards meeting our Climate Action goals is accelerating. But in order to hit our targets, it’s clear we still have to significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated from heating our homes.

On 1 September, SEAI announced that it had supported almost 22,000 home energy upgrades in the first half of 2023 – that’s an increase of 150% compared to the same period last year, with a “strong pipeline of demand” putting us firmly on track to meet or exceed the target of 27,000 upgrades for 2023.

The numbers are huge – and they’re going to get even bigger.

According to our Climate Action Plan, around 400,000 homes across Ireland are going to need to be retrofitted by 2030. In tandem with solar PV and better insulation, the majority of these retrofit projects are going to involve installing a heat pump. 

Transitioning to renewable energy

Heat pumps are a reliable, renewable, highly energy-efficient way of providing heating and hot water. They are also perfect for Irish homes and Irish weather, with research from the University of Cambridge finding that heat pumps are more than twice as efficient as fossil fuel heating systems in cold temperatures.

If you’re looking at improving your home’s (BER) energy rating, you need to know about heat pumps. But there is a lot of information out there and many questions from homeowners who are embarking on their own home energy upgrade journey. Luckily, we are here to help!

‘Daikin Delves In’: video explainer series

Our goal is to equip Irish homeowners with all the facts about heat pumps – how they work, what the benefits are, and what to expect when you decide to retrofit your home with a renewable heating system.

To help answer your questions, we have produced a series of three videos looking at different stages of the heat pump customer journey. 

Episode 1: Heat pump 101

Daikin expert Ian Killoch chats to our host Maggie Molloy explaining how heat pumps work, the benefits they offer and why they are so energy-efficient compared to traditional heating systems like oil or gas boilers

Episode 2: Homeowner Supports 

Our host Maggie Molloy is joined by SEAI National Retrofit Programme Manager, Helen Williams, and Daikin expert April McHale, to look at the range of grants and funding available for home energy upgrade projects.

Episode 3: Assessments & Installation

Martin Evans, Senior Engineer with Daikin, sits down with Mark Shirley of energy consultants 2eva to chat to our host Maggie Molloy to share practical tips on getting your home assessed and heat-pump ready, and ensuring a smooth installation.

Brochures for homeowners

You can get your hands on even more information by downloading our new Daikin homeowner brochures here.

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